What is JP Local First?                                                                     En español
JP Local First is for JP business owners who want to work together to grow our sustainable local economy and strengthen our vibrant community.  Membership is open to independent and locally owned JP businesses. Together, we aim to educate the public and government about the significant environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of supporting the local economy.

Do You Know About the Positive Impact of Shopping Locally?
The Institute for Local Self-Reliance reported that a 2003 study in Maine found that residents spending $100 at a big box retailer would generate only $14 in additional local spending. That same $100 spent at a locally owned business generated $45 in additional local spending or three times as much. Dollars spent at a local retailer support not only that store and its employees, but also a variety of other businesses, including local banks and the self-employed.

The 10% Shift
By shifting just 10% of our dollars away from non-local businesses, our commercial areas will grow, more local residents will be employed and more dollars will stay in JP. Communities throughout the country have strengthened their local economies by developing Local First initiatives. Now is the time for JP to initiate local first and take on the 10% Shift.

Why Join JP Local First?
Becoming a member puts you on the map, with an automatic listing in the printed Local Business Directory. The Directory gives JP residents and visitors a handy pocket sized booklet that features a shopping and services guide, JP historical notes, dates of festivals and farmer’s markets, and other helpful resources. The Directory will be on display at all participating businesses and represents the perfect way to promote your business locally. Membership also gives you access to a powerful network of likeminded local business owners that are working to build community resilience, promote the businesses of each other, and support sustainable environmental policies—all of which grow the local economy.

How to Join
Simply visit our membership page, and review the membership benefits, check that your business qualifies, and complete the easy registration process. Membership starts at $120 for the year or you can pay for your membership in $10 monthly installments by credit card. Additionally, there is a Sponsoring membership rate of $600 and a non-profit or individual (non-business) community member rate of $50.

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